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  • andrew macklin


    I am sitting in Bellingen in a friends beautiful house in sweltering heat having just finished your book. I loved it. I have been reading it on the road as Naomi and I look for a country property around Nimbin to do much what you and Prue have done. I am an architect, philosopher and educator at UNSW teaching organic architecture and ecological philosophy – the way architecture is in and of nature and is animated by Her luminesence. I think you would enjoy reading David Abram’s The Spell of the Sensuous and Erazim Kohak’s The Embers and the Stars (with their strong connections to Thoreau’s Walden Pond). Both philosophers are strongly influenced by an early 20th century movement in philosophy called phenomenology applying the insights of Martin Heidegger or Maurice Merleau-Ponty to ecology. This has blossomed into a new movement in ecophilosophy called ecophenomenology. My thanks for your pragmatic insights wrapped in the on-going happening of a life evolving consciousness to our more-than-human reality.
    I hope we meet one day.


  • Andrew Brewer

    James, I have just finished your Barrier Reef book and it was a wonderful read; mesmerising. I too have spend some time on Heron Island whilst on a field trip during my Marine Science degree and I experienced a couple of glassed out days and I am sure I will never see a more beautiful sight across the reef flats and out to sea. Thank you for your thourough research and entrancing descriptions of the many stunning places you have visited. I enjoyed it immensely but I could have read on forever.


    Andrew Brewer

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