James Woodford is the editor of Real Dirt and the author of Real Dirt: How I beat my grid life crisis.

I am the author of the Wollemi Pine, Secret Life of Wombats and The Dog Fence along with a novel, Whitecap . I have written for the Sydney Morning Herald for eighteen years, mostly on environmental issues.


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  • bronwyn

    hi james…i read last year’s good weekend article on you and your family’s move from the city to the country and then found out recently that you’ve written a book about your experience…i’m currently really interested in ideas about self sufficiency and permaculture and would love to read your book…do you know when it will be published?

  • Lyn McDougall

    Thank you for your article about fire SMH 8/9/08. Yes, I agree with all your comments. From my observation, prescribed burning does not prevent wildfire. The combination of prescribed fire plus wildfire equals more fires, not less. Why release even more carbon into the atmosphere by deliberately lighting fires? I wonder why fire was used to combat Kikuyu? It resprouts from deep rhizomes that would be too deep in soil to be damaged by fire.

  • steve schwarz

    Very good . Checked site after reading your piece in the SMH on hazard reduction. Hope you continue and your business plan works out.

  • Peter Goerman

    Hi James, heard you on ABC Radio and looked up your website. Still debating whether to order your book but since we’re almost neighbours – we’re at Nelligen – I thought I’d drop you a line anyway.
    Best wishes

  • maureen peck

    I have just finished your great book, it only took me 4 days. Could not put it down which was a bit of a problem at work and when I was trying to go to sleep at night, I kept telling myself just one more page.

    Your living the life I would love to

    Good on you

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