If Only All Politicians Were Scuba Divers

May 30th, 2011 · 2 Comments · Blog

In 1983 Lodestone Reef, east of Magnetic Island, was the scene of a series of gruesome attacks by a five-metre tiger shark. It was also in the path of Cyclone Yasi and so I was curious to finally get there on the weekend and see how the Reef looks four months after one of the most powerful Australian storms  smashed across the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park.  I only got to do two dives at one small area of Lodestone but what I saw was sobering – a section of the reef that was torn up and turned to rubble. There was still plenty of  beautiful things to see but anyone who thinks the reef can cope with a future where events like Cyclone Yasi are more common needs to have their head read. It is a pity the politicians who are about to vote on a carbon tax can’t dive. Here’s a short film I made about the trip.

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  • Kathy Ridge

    I hope you’re not suggesting that more cliamte sceptic politicians should be diving in an area with an attacking 5 m tiger shark James :)

  • Deano

    I swore that was you singing. I look forward to a directed, filmed, edited, composed and performed by Woodford masterpiece

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